Commercial Electrician Services in Calgary

LED Lighting Upgrade

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Electricity? Upgrade Your Lighting to LED and Reduce Your Bill

Are you paying too much for your electricity? Have you moved furniture or display cabinets around? If you answered yes to either of these questions, why not change the old lighting fixtures and install new LED lights? We can help you design and install new LED lighting to work with your business layout, whether it’s a small storefront or large facility. Your customers and staff will have improved visibility, resulting in increased production, sales, and safety while you enjoy the benefits of energy savings. We will also help you with your rebate application with the Energy Efficiency Alberta BNI Program.

Your Building Complex Has a Fire Alarm System That Requires Annual Testing – Fire Alarms Save Lives and Assets

Has your fire alarm system been tested this year? An annual report is required for compliance with the Alberta Fire Code. We are qualified to inspect, test to CAN/ULC S536 and repair any deficiencies on your fire alarm system. We will review the code requirements and provide recommendations for upgrades. Kilts & Cables also installs new alarms, provides upgrades and retrofits fire alarm systems to CAN/ULC S524 in any type of building occupancy and provides design and verification as part of our service. Keep your buildings safe with Kilts & Cables.

Fire Alarm Inspection, Test & Repair

Emergency Lighting

Know the Rules and Remain Compliant with the Alberta Fire Code – Eliminate Fines and Keep Everyone Safe

All commercial building owners must comply with Alberta Fire Code rules. Fire safety code officers have the authority to issue fines and remove business licences for non-compliance. Emergency lighting systems must be tested on an annual basis along with fire alarms and sprinklers. The qualified staff at Kilts & Cables can inspect and test your emergency lighting system for fire code compliance. We also provide layout and installation services and deficiency repairs, along with detailed reports and recommendations.

Do You Have Problems with Unwanted Visitors or Theft? Security Cameras and Controlled Access Will Eliminate These Hassles

If you struggle to keep unwanted visitors out of your building, video cameras and controlled access systems are great tools for that task. We can provide design and installation of access control systems and intruder video camera systems for your peace of mind. Protect your property with Kilts & Cables.

Security Systems


Has Your Electrical System Had Any Changes Over the Years? Don’t Let a Faulty System Destroy Your Property

If your panel looks like the one below or your electrical system has had any changes over the years, it should be inspected. There are several conditions that can alter electrical distribution circuits and over time cause fires. Incorrect breakers or wire sizes and loose connections may result in failure causing loss of protection or fire to your property. We can provide a full inspection, and a design review of your distribution panels, transformers, cables and disconnect switches. Kilts & Cables will provide a report with our recommendations, and we’ll assist you to correct any deficiencies.

Find Out How Much Money You’ll Save with Our Two-Hour $250 Energy Audit

Upgrading to LED lighting can save you up to 80% on your energy bills while exponentially increasing visibility and safety. Now is also the perfect time to do so as Energy Efficiency Alberta is set to stop offering rebates for LED lighting soon. We can apply for the rebate on your behalf, and we have financing in place so if you decide to move forward you can start saving right away at no cost to you.

Energy Efficiency Audit

Electrical Safety Inspection

Have You Noticed Damaged Receptacles, Light Fixtures or Switches? Stay Compliant and Eliminate Fire Risks

Damaged receptacles, light fixtures, switches, and extension cords to equipment are common deficiencies found by fire safety code inspectors that may result in a fine or a mandatory repair notice. We can help you avoid this situation by completing an electrical safety inspection on an annual basis prior to your fire safety code inspection. Professionals at Kilts & Cables will visually inspect all panels, wires, and fixtures for damage, further test panel connections, conduct thermal imaging tests, provide recommendations and prepare any deficiencies. Keep your property and staff safe with Kilts & Cables.

Have You Ever Had to Turn Off a Breaker for Maintenance and Weren’t Sure Which Breaker Supplied Power to the Equipment? We Can Apply Proper Panel Labelling to Eliminate Shutting Off Essential Equipment Accidentally

It’s time to shutdown a piece of equipment for routine maintenance. But you go to the breaker panel and there’s no panel schedule or inaccurate labelling. What if you shut down a piece of equipment that is important to the operation of your business or affects life safety? We can review your electrical system and provide you with as-built drawings, panel schedules and labelling to help you find the breakers for specific fixtures and equipment. Don’t let a wrong breaker end in business loss.

Layout, Identification and Panel Labelling

Parking Lot Lighting

Poorly illuminated parking lot? We can help you deter theft and protect your tenants

Do you have difficult to access lighting in your parking lot or on your building? High maintenance cost of your old fixtures? We can retrofit your old light fixtures with new LED interiors or replace the entire fixture providing you with brighter illumination levels, while reducing your energy bills and maintenance costs.

Do you test your Emergency Generator System? Keep Your Power On Even in an Emergency

Are you testing your life safety generator as required by Alberta Fire Code and CSA 282? Whether you have a standby generator to protect your equipment during a power outage, or a life safety generator to protect your buildings occupants, they need routine maintenance and testing. They will need inspection per the Alberta Fire Code. We can provide you with that testing.

Generator Systems