Residential Electrician Services in Calgary

Aluminum Wiring

Do you have Aluminum Wiring in Your Home? We Have Solutions to Eliminate Risk and Fire

If you have aluminum wiring in your home, your insurance provider is likely concerned and wants you to upgrade to copper. We can rewire your entire home, or we can splice copper to the aluminum which is a less costly alternative.

It’s Getting Hot Outside! Ceiling Fans are a Cheaper Alternative to Air Conditioning

Kilts & Cables technicians can advise you regarding the proper size and location for ceiling fans. Rest easy in the sweltering summer heat knowing our highly-skilled electricians were the ones who installed your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans

Panel Upgrade

Are You Planning for a New Hot Tub, Air Conditioning Unit, Steam Shower or Secondary Suite? Make Sure Your Panel Can Accommodate the Additional Load

If you are planning any of these add-ons to your home or you have an existing 60 Amp service, you may need to consider upgrading the size of your electrical panel. Kilts & Cables can complete a detailed calculation of the power consumption for your property and advise what room you have on your existing panel, and what size the panel needs to be to accommodate the equipment you want to add. Panel upgrades/swaps also become necessary due to the condition of the panel and availability of breakers, we can help you evaluate the panels condition and determine if a replacement is necessary. Updates to the Canadian Electrical Code state that arc fault protection is mandatory for new receptacle circuits to a breaker panel. This could require changing out a breaker, replacement of the panel, or installation of a sub-panel. Kilts & Cable staff are qualified to assist you with this assessment and repair work at a reasonable price.

Do You Have Unpermitted Electrical Work in Your Home? Don’t Take That Risk

At Kilts & Cables, we always abide by the regulations set forth in the Safety Codes Act. We will eliminate unfortunate circumstances by applying for proper permits on all new electrical work and provide a permit for old work already completed. Our recommendation to get valid permits can save you unexpected costs when you sell your property, or in the event of an insurance claim. We want to know you are covered.


Fire Protection, Inspection and Test

At the First Threat of Smoke and Fire, Every Second Counts. The Codes Changed Recently – Know the Rules. Fire and CO Alarm Systems Save Lives and Property

Building codes have recently changed. Smoke alarms are now required in ALL bedrooms and ALL hallways leading to a bedroom, and smoke and CO alarms are required on each floor. Smoke alarms must be interconnected, have a silence feature, and battery backup. All smoke alarms have expiry dates of 10 years or less. Kilts & Cables staff have extensive knowledge in fire safety and can provide you with our recommendations to improve the safety of your home.

When the Grid Power Lets You Down, Be Prepared with Your Own Energy – Proper Installation of a Standby Generator Can Protect Your Appliances, Computer Equipment, and Family

Do you have a generator? Most people don’t. Are you prepared in case of a flood, or incident at the local substation? Could you live 3-4 days in your home without power? Sometimes there’s a need for standby power for air conditioning, computer systems, or specialized health equipment for an elderly person. We provide competitive rates on standby generators for your protection. Call us to discuss your needs.

Generator Installation

Lighting Upgrades

Tired of Outdated Lighting Fixtures? Transform Your Home with New Fixtures and Switch Solutions

If you’re tired of the old lighting fixtures in your home, we have ideas for new ones. We can even update your old toggle switches to a new dimmer or set up smart lighting systems like the Lutron Caseta Wireless or Lutron RadioRA2 ones. Kilts & Cables will use careful and professional installation methods that will leave you happy with the quality of our work and with little or no need for patching and painting. We are careful and treat your home as if it was our own.

We Install Cat 5/6 Wiring Throughout Your House – Access the Fastest Internet Possible

Do you struggle with internet speed? Is your WiFi keeping up with your online needs? We can provide Cat 6 wiring throughout your home to give you access to the fastest possible internet speeds. Tired of waiting for videos or streams to load on your PC? We can help.

Data Cabling

Electrical Safety Inspection

We Complete Inspections of Your Electrical System – Ensure Your Home and Family are Safe

How safe is the electrical system in your home? Are you in danger of fire risk? Kilts & Cables technicians can complete a basic home inspection which includes visual inspection, panel checks, test receptacles, GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) and light switches. A condition report will highlight any areas that require urgent attention. Our qualified technician will help address any issues and provide you with pricing to repair any less urgent problems. We also offer thermal imaging services for a more detailed look at your electrical service.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Improve Efficiency and Cut Your Energy Costs

If you’re looking to reduce your energy bill, Kilts & Cables can help. We can install a solar energy system in your sunny Alberta home. After we review your energy requirements, we provide an excellent solution. Then you can take your savings to the bank!

Solar Energy Systems